• The main purpose of all cleaning is to address human health considerations. In a health care environment – whether a major hospital or a community clinic – this purpose reaches its highest application. M&H Cleaning Services settings ensure rigorous protection of vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, people with acute, chronic and life-threatening illness or injury. By making this a top priority, M&H Cleaning Services also sustains a healthy environment for staff and visitors and helps to protect against the spread of disease.

• Our extensive experience in providing service to the health care sector means that we are compliant with all current Health and Safety standards, Occupational Health and Safety standards, and all other applicable regulations. Working closely with health care professionals, M&H Cleaning Services establishes programs and processes to create the optimum environment for the continuum of care.

• Confident that cleaning continually meets the highest standards, health care professionals are free to concentrate on their essential task, patients and visitors are reassured, health and healing are strongly supported.

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