Curtains are one of the most essential accessories in the house. They are not just a few pieces to decorate the house but also avoid the sunlight and help you keep the room temperature balanced.


You may be very happy with your lovely curtains but it’s a fact that curtains are a breeding ground for germs, mites, and dust. If you have dust allergies and/or suffer from asthma uncleaned curtains could cause attacks and negatively affect your health. Even if you don’t suffer from any of these when you see how much dirt your curtain can take you will understand what we mean.

To prevent mites making your curtains as their home you have to clean your curtains regularly. Depending on the fabric you can wash them, dry clean them or better have professionals to clean them for you.

Before deciding which method you are going to choose it is better to identify your curtain material. If you are not sure to feel free to contact M&H professional curtain cleaning team.

Wet curtain cleaning: If you are certain that your curtains are washable then your task is easy. To keep your house fresh and avoid the germs and mites you have to wash them at least twice a year or even more if you can. Before tossing them in your washing machine make sure that you remove all hardware.

Sheer curtains: Everyone wants bright and clean sheer curtains but nobody tells you the secret. To make your sheer curtains whiter beside the laundry detergent you will add laundry starch, a dishwasher tablet and/or sugar cubes, yes sugar your eyes don’t deceive you. Use your laundry detergent as usual and add 1 cup of laundry starch in the softener compartment. Dishwasher tablet or sugar whichever you choose both are for whitening your curtains. Try this and you will thank us when your white sheer curtains are white again. Don’t let it spin more than 600 and don’t wash them over 30 degrees. Hang them where they belong as soon as the cycle is finished. Voila! You are a curtain cleaning pro now!

Shades: You can follow almost the same procedure if your shades are white. The only difference would be the spin cycle. For your shades, you can spin 800. If your shades are dark colors don’t use the dishwasher tablet or sugar tip as they might damage the color.

Dry clean only curtains: If you decide to wash them for some reason only use cold water to wash them. Select the gentle cycle, remove them from the machine immediately and hang them where they belong to when the cycle finishes.

Dry curtain cleaning: When you don’t have time or energy to wash them but you need to get rid of the dust as much as possible these two tips will help you a lot.

Vacuum: If you have a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment you can easily vacuum your curtains. This procedure should get the most of the dust off your curtains.
Lint roller: This one is for the lazy ones. But also it could be very useful when you have pets in the house. You can easily remove dust and pet hair from your curtains.

Sometimes you can mix both methods as it would be better to remove pet hair before washing the curtains. If you can’t spare time for curtain cleaning give M&H a call. They will be at your service in no time and handle the curtain cleaning for you. Just remember to maintain your curtains periodically to prevent mites, germs, and dust.



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