We can hear you say “turn on the AC”. During unbearably hot days the air conditioner is our best friend indeed. But there are other ways to stay cool and cool down your body temperature. We want to share these inexpensive tricks with you to help you stay cool and comfortable.

Pick the right curtains or drapes: You have no idea how much you can save money while keeping your house cool by using energy efficient curtains or drapes. They keep your house cool by keeping out most of the sun’s scorching heat.

Choose a day to cook: To avoid unnecessary heating up the house you can select one day of the week to cook. The rest of the week you can quickly heat your meal. It will save both your time and money.

Pick the right fabrics: You should definitely avoid polyester or nylon. They can be very uncomfortable in the heat. Instead, choose light, breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton or chambray. Keep in mind that light colours are always a good idea during hot and sunny days.

Stay hydrated: If you want to beat the heat then you should stay hydrated. It’s more effective if you sip water regularly throughout the day instead of sloshing it down at once. Choose refreshing fruits and vegetables. Eating water-rich fruits or light salads will make you better immediately.

Eat small but often: The bigger the meal, the more energy your body expends to digest. 

Enjoy a tepid shower: Although having a cold shower after a very hot day may sound great, but it is not. Cold showers cause the body to produce more heat later on. A tepid shower will regulate your body temperature. If you can’t bear the heat run your hands under cold water for a few seconds with your palm turned up. There is a major vein running through this part of the body, cold water will cause the blood to cool down.

Freeze your pillow: This is such a great trick! Place your pillow in a sealed plastic bag to avoid ice forms on the fabric and place it in the freezer for an hour before bedtime.

Book a maid: Let professionals take over your housework. Stay cool while M&H handles the household chores professionally. Don’t worry about dealing with deep cleaning or ironing, we’ve got your back!

Stay cool and enjoy the summer days! Let us know if you have any other tricks to stay cool during these hot days.


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